Frequently Asked Questions

What age does Little Linc cater for?

Little Linc is for children 16 months and walking up to Grade R00

What are the fees?

See here: school fees 2023

Where are you situated? Is it safe?

At the Linc Campus in FoxHill. the Campus has 24 hour security provided by IGS and the entrance to Little Linc is locked by the teachers at 08:15 every morning. There is only one access to the school which teachers ensure is locked and monitored daily.

How big is the school?

The current capacity is still 35 children

What is your ratio of child: adult?

This ratio differs over the ages. Government guidelines suggest a ratio of 1:6 16m-24m, 1:8 2-3 years, Gr 000 1:15 and Gr00/1:20

What are the school hours?

Monday- Friday 07:10-12:15

Is there Aftercare?

We do offer aftercare services, find out more HERE on our fees page

Is Little Linc a Christian school?

Yes, everything we are, do and teach is based upon the way and words of Jesus. Little Linc is a beautiful extension of the heart and culture of Linc Church, pastored by Dylan and Tes Jahnig.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, to secure your child’s space a non-refundable deposit of R1500-00 is required 

Do you follow a curriculum?

Our year is planned and prepared by our teachers according to themes, outcomes and guidelines provided by both CAPS and private curricula. As a school our learning philosophy is one of play-based education which is informal and exploratory in nature. Children are encouraged to embrace curiosity and learn throughout their day.

Is a snack included?

Children bring their own healthy snacks from home for their daily snack times. They are encouraged to sit around a table and engage in healthy table manners and eating practices. No treats or juice are permitted.

What do my fees include?

Fees include everything except STATIONARY, T-SHIRT and CAP, SUNDRY ITEMS and BALL SKILLS/ GARVS.